Gujarat Arts and Science College


Sir Chinubhai Madhavalal Baronet, ICE. donated Rs. 1,50,000 for King Emperor George V Hall and Lord Geroge Sydenham Clarke Library together in 1897. The library was inaugurated by the then Governor Sir Sydenham (Lord Sydenham, Later) in 1915 . The New Library Building was constructed in 1955.

The library claims to possess the richest (More than 80,000 books) collection of the world’s best publication of academic importance comprising a treasure of more than 30,000 rare books. We are constantly in a process of increasing our collection of books further. Sydenham Library has also started subscribing to research journals in electronic as well as printed formats. Library has provided E-Resources through NLIST, INFLIBNET Centre. The library is fully automated with SOUL software. The software facilitates issue -return of books, a web-based catalogue to access the books (OPAC) and reservation of books. Bar-coding system is used to computerize the bibliographic details of the books. The web-based inquiry module of software has been installed so the resource collection can be viewed from outside the campus.


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OPAC provides the facility of searching, browsing, and reserving physical materials available at library. User Can search Library resources by author, title, keywords. It provides information related to the bibliographical details of each resource, its location and status of availability.


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The browse and search interface allows you to search more than 6000 E- Journals and 90000 E-Books and Backfiles subscribed under the N-LIST.